So The Rivers Flow.

The origin and orientation of this writing series.

So The Rivers Flow.
So The Rivers Flow. 2518 x 1440. 2022.6.26

The desire to be smart, intelligent, and knowledgeable; to be perfect, purposeful, and popular has created so much disappointments in our lives. I am deeply guilty of this fruitless pursuit.

Generalising statements about how those popular people are actually quite unhappy are just another layer of our insecurities manifested into sour grapes.

And then, every now and then, the encountering of a river so physically reminds us that all these energy is running through the world, shaping plains and canyons, feeding herds and flocks, giving birth to cities and civilisations, without our willing or permission. While we are eating, sleeping, feeling the stress of a deadline, enjoying intimate sex with a partner, steaming with anger or jumping in joy, the rivers flow. The rivers, with their various origins, flow back into the sea, where their identity would dissolve into one unified body.

Such is my admiration for Rivers: Each with a clear origin in space, and a clear destiny of unity; they do not haste nor slack, they persistently flow through and around any resistance until the friction forms its surroundings into a new balance.

It is in this aspiration that I have chosen this pen-name. It is in this spirit that this collection of writing shall flow.

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