The Dot

The Dot

By Jun Rivers

Every mark made on paper
began with a dot
that stretched into a line
a line into knots
These knots called letters
formed into words
they made up sentences
sentences into verses

Every life on earth
began as a single cell
a nucleus with strains
that held the living spell
These cells grew into something
that breathes and lives and dies
Sometimes small and sometimes bigger
some smile and love and cry

Every star in the sky
began from a heavy spot
holding all the heavens and hells
exploded in a sudden pop
That's the universe
for lack of a better word
The single verse that embodies
all the lives and cosmic dirt

Every idea we have
Every emotion we feel
Every ambitious dream
Every life-changing deal
Every loving courtship in bloom
Every furious debate in court
Every invincible nation
Every blood stained sword

They are ever so important,
in their present moments,
as a perfectly fine slice
of this infinite Dot.